Web Design

Monterey Farmers Market Project

The redesign for the Monterey Farmers Market pays special attention the most common needs of the user. With respect to the age and app use abilities of the most common of the markets shoppers, I though it important that they not need to leave the page in order to get the information

they need most. A typical menu will be provided to give a second level of information. Ahead I have displayed scenarios of two possible visitors with questions they would most likely have when visiting or seeking information.


Sydney Festival Poster


Metro Arts Cover


These photos also provided a source for the color palette. The dark pink of flowers. A bright and a subdued green and a bright and a subdued blue. Vibrant and symbolic of the fresh air green growth, sky and ocean blue.

colors web

Final Design Slideshow


Clifton Hotel Project

A plan to redesign the iconic Clifton Hotel in San Francisco. Wit consideration to the style and history that is present in the location. Their clients have modern needs and classic tastes.


Damion Torrez 2019