Integrated Campaign

Sacramento Horror Film Festival Project

This is an annual event that spends two days screening dozens of horror films, and shorts in scheduled blocks. The projects are submitted all year long from around the world and displayed at the historic

Colonial Theatre, a Sacramento landmark.  This year they have partnered with the “Sacramento Zombie Walk” organizers to assemble the well known hoards on this new night.

They will parade through the city on their way to the theatre where the Friday screenings will ceremoniously begin. The film festival attendees are ushered in and welcomed with presentations and screenings by a host of horror film makers and fans

Target Audience

The target audience for this event is a group that is fanatic about comic and film culture. Apart from the typical high brow film festival vibe, this event caters to a group who crave the obscene and the absurd. They are not proper film fanatics but perhaps more knowledgeable and tenacious as their more serious counterparts.

They work jobs ranging from waiting tables to tech and spend money on entertainment, collectibles and clothing related to their favorites. They are indoors and media driven people who spend their free time in front of monitors alone and with friends. These people are passionate and self educated about several topics to include film both new and old. The audience is also those who wish to play voyeur and watch the performances of the people who cam to participate. They are photographers, locals and the curious.

The actors are as important to them as any film that will be shown in the theatre.  Events like this are a chance for many of them to get out and congregate with like minded fans. For them, this is a meeting of the self proclaimed “Freak” culture to celebrate as some would a holiday.



Male 14, likes horror movies and just started reading about some old ones on line that he is going to go back and watch. He likes super-hero comics, but doesn’t read too much weird stuff. Most of his reading is on line or on his phone and he collects Pokemon when he is out and about. He is going to come for the parade and hang out with friends, but not the film screenings.


Female 16, is into Japanese manga, some comics, horror films and internet culture. She enjoys the obscure and spooky as well as a downright scary movie. Over the top gore is totally acceptable, but she likes nuance and imagination with her dismemberment scenes. She can watch old cult classics but unless they are over the top, they are a bit boring for her. She can’t wait to hang out and watch these films.


Male 18, into comics and gory movies. He plays a ton of video games and has a short attention span, but he always makes room for a crazy horror movie. The gorier the better, he likes to be shocked and shock his friends, but that is a challenge as of late. Old horror movies are “stupid” and don’t have enough effects or gore for him. He is going to see all of the screenings and knows a couple of people whose friends made one of the films.


Male 22, is into role playing games on line and going out with this friends. He is into all kinds of movies, but doesn’t find the time to dig into the classics. He watches whatever is on line or sometimes at a theatre. He wants to get crazy with this friends someplace they can all get kind of dressed up and act wild. They hope to see some girls there. They might go to the film part for a while but will probably go the bar instead.


Female 24, likes any reason to get out, but loves themes. She is looking for a fun thing to do while out having drinks. She’s gothy and punk and loves to make a scene. She loves all kinds of movies, but has no serious film preference, only the edgier the better.  She is downtown and wants to see people dressed up like monsters and zombies. She’ll bring her phone to snap selfies with any freaks she finds. She likes to party with a purpose.


Female 32, is a visitor from Italy is staying in Sacramento for a week on business and heard about the event. They want to see if the participants are really getting into the characters and scene. They want to take pictures to show the “American culture” they saw while traveling. They like scary movies, but don’t have a preference in what kind they watch. They are looking for an interesting night out. She likes film and will likely follow the groups to watch the screenings.


Male 38, is into classic and modern comics and all horror films. 80’s and 90’s cult classics hold special place with him. He doesn’t mind the gore of modern shockers, but he delights in classic and sometimes bad horror movies. He has seen the evolution of entertainment loves it all. He is planning on watching all of the screenings possible and has a two day pass. He’s bringing his friends. 


Female 35, likes movies but not too scary. She also doesn’t like movies to be too gory. She watches “The Walking Dead” and some other scary stuff on TV. She worries about her kids seeing so much gore, but is willing to take them to a zombie parade and a movie for a fun night out but isn’t into the film festival part. She read about the event on Facebook and it looked like spooky fun for the kids.

Color Choice and Inspiration


When asked what words they would use to characterize themselves and the mood of this event, this is how they responded.

majestic black dark stars night sexy scary vibrant chills iconic young capital Sacramento rock bands vinyl skull pinup hotrod fire moon wolf zombie movie theatre hoard undead gore horror scream iconic splatter humor blood velvet devil misfits glamour 50’s alien monster banshee glow claws classic spider teeth gross stake demon webs slasher mask 80’s vamp vampire prom queen

The terms the came up most when considering these was:

Dark, Sacramento and Iconic

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